Section 45 Writing Job Descriptions

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Independence of the Press / Media
Professional Journalism
Seeking Answers
Mission Statement
Leadership and Management
Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Goals and Objectives
Importance of Planning
Why Set Up a Business Plan?
Who Should Prepare a Business Plan
Make Up Your Mind Before Setting Up Figures / Entrepreneurial Journalism
Business Plan Outline
Business Organization
Brief List of Planned Actions
Business Purpose and Function
Marketing Plan
What Is Your Market?
Who Is Your Competition?
What Share of the Market You Will Gain
Why Advertising Is Important
Advertising Plan
Advertising Rate Card
Circulation Plan
Promotion Plan
Management Plan
Operating Budget
Planning and Budgeting Timetable
Planning for Growth
How to Learn What Readers Want to Read
Editorial Line
Designing a Key Draft and the Content of Pages
Facts and Opinion
Journalistic Types
Craft or Art?
Editorial Board
Building Up a Firm
Drawing an Organization Chart
Do We Need an Organization Chart?
A Weekly Newspaper of Eight Pages
A Weekly Newspaper of 16 Pages
A Weekly Newspaper of 48 Pages
A Daily Newspaper
Organization Order
Writing Job Descriptions
Labor Organization Requires a System
Newsroom Planning and Budgeting
Reporting, Writing and Editing
Placing Advertisements
Dealing With Hidden Advertising
Special / Topical Supplements and Sections / Editions / Websites / Webpages
Business Lists Section
Technological Production
Newsroom Library as a Source of Information
Selling Information Published in a Newspaper
Personnel Management
Seeking and Recruiting Competent Workers
Performance Evaluation