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Topics and subtopics followed by Media Managers Club are based on the manual for media managers New Times: Making a Professional Newspaper in an Emerging Democracy. The book, first published in 2001, was originally intended for newspaper managers in emerging markets: publishers and editors, along with advertising and circulation managers taking their first steps in the market economy during the era of mass media. In addition to the book, this website covers more than 500 subtopics related to the new and social media era.

The New Times book has been published in a dozen languages. Editions already available or in progress include Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, Georgian, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, and Slovak. Language editions were supported by:

On this website you can read the entire book for free, in all of the languages in which it has been published so far.

About our purpose

Our mission is to build the foremost online destination for exchanging media management know-how and experience worldwide, drawing on the intelligence of media managers, journalists, industry suppliers, school academics, educators and students.

Our goals:


  • a platform for sharing know-how, expertise, ideas and opinion within the media community
  • news and information about the latest trends and developments in media, with a special focus on the news media industry


  • training and education of news media managers with the aim of long-term self-sufficiency, sustainability and financial independence of their companies
  • news media managers in creating new media projects and expanding to new markets
  • schools and educational institutions in the process of news media management and journalism education


  • highly efficient and competent consulting services in news media management

Media Managers Club is a member of the Ethical Journalism Network.

About the founder

Tatiana Repkova, the founder of Media Managers Club and author of New Times, is the former Director of Research and Information Management at the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, WAN-IFRA, in Paris, France. Her major project at WAN-IFRA was the annual publication of World Press Trends, the primary source of newspaper and media market research reports, analyses and statistics organized by countries, regions and worldwide. During her tenure, the report covered all 233 countries and territories where newspapers were published at the time.

Follow her on Twitter: @trepkova