Questions & Answers rules

1. You can post questions on ‘Questions & Answers’ pages of the website and choose whether a specific question is to be answered by any user (member or consultant) or by a specific consultant.

2. Every question is limited to 140 characters.

3. Only questions in English or Russian may be posted.

4. The first answer and all follow-up answers to a particular question must be posted in the same language as the question.

5. Every answer is limited to 140 characters. If you need more than 140 characters to type your answer, you can upload a relevant document or link, or copy & paste a link in your answer.

6. You can add a follow-up answer to any question that has been already answered by someone else.

7. Media Managers Club moderator can modify topics (tags) which you have selected and attributed for a particular question.

8. During all above activities you must comply with these Questions & Answers rules and the Terms of Use.

Last update: October 3, 2011