FREE consultancy rules

Who can become a consultant

1. Every Media Managers Club member can become a Media Managers Club consultant through simple registration on the website, if he agrees to answer questions from club members to the best of his knowledge, free of charge and in accordance with the Terms of Use.

2. By registering as a consultant, the consultant also agrees:

  • not to do any conscious partial promotion of products, services or entities on the website;
  • not to use the website for making appointments with potential clients;
  • not to publish or organize any contact data exchange on the website.

Identification: no anonymity

3. Every consultant will be identified by his own full name and the public LinkedIn profile he used to register as a consultant.

4. All the content posted on the website by a consultant will be identified by his own full name.

Expected activity: answering questions

5. If a club member chooses a consultant to answer his question, the consultant will receive an email message including the question and a reminder that he is expected to upload his answer on the Media Managers Club website within seven calendar days.

6. The consultant can also check all his assignments (new and previous) on his dashboard on the website.

7. A question that a chosen consultant does not answer within seven calendar days will automatically pass on to the page Can you answer these questions?, where it can be answered by any member or consultant.

Last update: September 25, 2014