"The Media Managers Club draws on an approach that has proven among the most successful for emerging economies: learning from peers. By creating a space for media managers to exchange ideas, it will allow managers to take advantage of the vast store of knowledge and experience that has been accumulated by their peers and to strengthen their networks and professional competencies."

Mark Nelson
Lead Specialist and Program Leader, World Bank Institute, USA

“Tatiana Repkova’s New Times is the most comprehensive and practical guide to all aspects of newsroom management that I have ever seen. It is rare for those in the business to have access to so much expertise without hiring a personal consultant to spend weeks analyzing operations and making recommendations. But this handbook is truly like having a consultant on hand for any issue that a manager might encounter, from setting up a marketing plan, to managing newsroom personnel, to drawing up budgets and dozens of other topics. It has remained fresh and relevant even as the news industry itself has changed, and the strategies it presents are still models for success.”

Margie Freaney
Independent Media Trainer & Consultant, USA; formerly Academic Director of the Caucasus School of Media Management in Tbilisi, Georgia

“…a great read and a must for serious newspapers.”



Barnabas Thondhlana
Deputy Editor, Zimbabwe Independent

"One doesn’t see often a publication, which is valid universally for print media in any country. Although the more than 400-pages text by Tatiana Repkova is navigated by an invisible thread of journalism in emerging democracies, the book provides suggestions for all journalists, whether they live in emerging or mature democracies, in the West or the East, in the South or the North. (...) I am inclined to believe that if newspapers (read ‘journalism’) are not art, they are certainly difficult to craft. Tatiana Repkova writes that "indeed, journalism can be both art and craft, however, developing art takes mastering craft first." After reading the New Times publication, I am even more convinced about journalism as art and craft. For that I thank the author. Let her forgive me that, with good intentions, I will call her book simply a unique cookbook to produce good newspapers. I highly recommend her work to every journalist."

Andrej Tuser
Professor and Adviser to Dean on academic issues at the Media Faculty of Paneuropean University in Bratislava, Slovakia; formerly also editor of the monthly Issues of Journalism (Otazky zurnalistiky), currently member of its Scientific Advisory Board

"How to publish a quality newspaper, make readers happy and earn some money at the same time? (...) The practical guide on newspaper strategies by Tatiana Repkova is the first practical book on management of a city newspaper in Russia on such a level of detail. It includes a full set of training materials, budget schemes, business planning methods, sample job descriptions and many other vital tools for publishers , newspaper managers, administrators and journalists. The book is aimed at everyone who takes part in newspaper publishing, regardless of their position and professional level. In this sense it is universal."

Guild of Press Publishers (GIPP)
www.gipp.ru, Russia

“Tatiana Repkova’s tutorial New Times has become the Bible for me, both as a journalist and the editor. A surprising feature of this book is that it provides you with support even when just waiting on the shelf for its next opening. This textbook has an amazing ability to solve problems and to be in place at any stage of project development, from ideology to placing advertisements on newspaper pages. I use recommendations from the book everywhere and I highly recommend this manual to everyone who wants to follow the professional standards of journalism.”

Natalia Vygovskaya
Editor-in-Chief, Ostrov svobody (The Island of Freedom), Zaporizhzhe, Ukraine

“I have your book that I consider to be the press/print Bible and use it so often to find solutions to some arising difficulties. Thank you for that!”

Jamale Rassi
General Manager, Adline Beirut sarl, Lebanon

"When we first published New Times in 2001, our goal was to get it into as many hands as possible, as it's the best work of its kind. Building an online network with New Times at its centre is the perfect solution for the digital age - the rapid changes in the media world requires rapid response, and this is a great way for media professionals to interact and to continually update this essential resource."

Larry Kilman
Deputy CEO, Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs, WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, Paris, France

"The International Institute for Journalism  (IIJ), which is part of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit – GIZ, has been offering training for media managers from developing countries and countries in transition for many years. Tatiana Repkova's book New Times has served as a compendium for many of our participants striving to make a change in their respective newsrooms. mediamanagersclub.org is now an answer to the rapidly evolving digital technology and the new forms of multimedia communication that are challenging the media business worldwide. It will allow media workers worldwide to further deepen their knowledge and learn from each other's experience. That will be the real value of this new platform."

Astrid Kohl
Head of the International Institute for Journalism (IIJ), Berlin, Germany

"Many thanks for all those valuable links being shared in the [MEDIA MANAGERS CLUB: How to ideas] group. I am using some of them on my page."

Muhammed Noushad
SIAS Media School, SAFI Institute of Advanced Study, affiliated to the University of Calicut, Kerala, India