No more lectures augmented by Power Points?

What do we still need to know?

No more lectures augmented by Power Points?

How essential is it to incorporate digital training into the classroom setting when teaching journalism?

Some professors believe that the traditional classroom methods—lectures augmented by Power Points or other visuals, practical exercises in-class, quizzes, class discussion, small-group projects—are still the best way to teach the fundamentals of journalism.

However, many journalism teachers are now convinced that today’s journalism student, who ranges from age 18 to about 25 or so, is more comfortable with digital learning methods and actually learns more thoroughly and quickly when material is presented in this way (video tutorials, online interactive instruction, etc.)

I agree that many traditional classroom instructional techniques are no longer effective ways to engage students’ attention. In fact, many students visibly tune out during classroom lectures or presentations, and if ...

... they are allowed to bring mobile devices or computers into the classroom, they invariably are engaging with those devices rather than paying attention. If you want to test this theory, walk around your classroom and look at your students’ screens. If a student suddenly clicks off a screen as you approach, you’ve got your answer.

Teachers who do not adapt to the learning style of their millennial students, I believe, risk becoming dinosaurs. Many of us are former newspaper reporters and editors, and have already had the dinosaur experience once in our lifetimes. Once is enough.

What’s your opinion on digital vs. traditional teaching methods?